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Full Title: The Semantics of Verbal Morphology in Under-Described Languages

Short Title: SemVerbMorph1
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Start Date: 02-Jun-2017 - 03-Jun-2017
Contact: Andrew Symes
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Meeting Description: Recent years have seen an increase in scholarship devoted to the significance of lexical semantics for verbal morphology and the functioning of tense-aspect-mood (TAM) systems (for a general introduction, see Boogaart & Janssen (2012)). Much of this was prompted by work on tense and aspect from a general typological and diachronic perspective (see, e.g. Comrie 1976, 1985; Dahl 1985; Bybee, Perkins & Pagliuca 1994). This has also been joined by the work of Hogeweg, de Hoop & Malchukov (2009) which also offers a methodological contribution, as well as approaches which stress the way in which time, temporality and evidentiality are reflected in grammatically-conventionalised TAM categories (Botne & Kershner 2008; Botne 2012, 2014).

Keynote Speakers (confirmed):

Leora Bar-el, Associate Professor at the University of Montana

Scientific Committee:

Leora Bar-el
Robert Botne
Evie Coussé
Östen Dahl
Laura Downing
Axel Fleisch
Hannah Gibson
Nancy Kula
Derek Nurse
Thera Crane Ringhofer

Organising committee:
Malin Petzell
Hannah Gibson

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Linguistic Subfield: Language Documentation; Morphology; Semantics
LL Issue: 27.4907

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