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Full Title: 2017 Debrecen Workshop on Pronouns

Short Title: 2017 DWP
Location: Debrecen, Hungary
Start Date: 24-Feb-2017 - 25-Feb-2017
Contact: György Rákosi
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Meeting Description: This workshop focuses on the grammar of pronominal elements. Pronominal elements form an elusive, but all the more interesting category that has received central attention in modern linguistic research. They show a wide array of variation in morphophonological shape from null pronouns to highly complex personal pronouns or anaphors, and this variation in form is concomitant with substantial variation in meaning that ranges from bound variable interpretations to strong referential readings. The primary aim of this workshop is to address this diversity by focussing on recent developments in the study of the syntax and semantics of pronominals.

The questions we aim to address include, but are not restricted to, the following. What is the syntactic category of pronouns? If they are smaller than a canonical noun phrase (DP), then just how small can they be and how does this affect their syntax? What are the syntactically relevant features that different types of pronominals bear? How do prosodic processes, such as focussing or deaccenting, affect the licensing and interpretation of pronouns? Does verbal argument structure have a real effect on pronoun licensing or is the special behaviour of pronouns in, say, psych-contexts just a conspiracy of non-syntactic factors? What kind of meaning do reflexives and reciprocals contribute to the interpretation of the sentence? How do variation in pronominal form and variation in interpretation correlate? What non-linguistic factors may affect the choice of one pronominal form over the other? It is these and related issues that we aim to discuss at the workshop.

Invited Speakers:

Huba Bartos (Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Katalin É. Kiss (Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Giorgos Spathas (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin & Universität Stuttgart)
Anne Temme (Universität Stuttgart)
Elizabeth Verhoeven (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)


Department of English Linguistics
University of Debrecen

Program Committee:

Huba Bartos
Péter Csatár
Éva Dékány
Marcel den Dikken
Katalin É. Kiss
Éva Kardos
Tibor Laczkó
György Rákosi
Giorgos Spathas
Anne Temme
Enikő Tóth
Elizabeth Verhoeven
Contact Information:

Linguistic Subfield: General Linguistics; Semantics; Syntax
LL Issue: 28.441

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