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Full Title: Interphonology Session

Location: Paris, France
Start Date: 28-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017
Contact: Cecile Voillain
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Meeting Description: The interphonology session will be dedicated to the following theme: 'Variation, correctness and correction'.

We encourage participants to investigate the phonetic and phonological systems developed by non-native speakers/learners of English who have command of English either as a foreign language (EFL) or a second language (ESL) in various parts of the world and in different contexts of communication. Interphonology will be discussed both as a theoretical, linguistic construct and empirically by looking into aspects of the learner's new phonological system, while in the process of establishing itself or when it has already been stabilised and/or regularised. Inter-speaker and intra-speaker variation will also be central to our study of interphonology to understand, for instance, how segmental variability is integrated in the newly developed phonological system and how the phonologies of two (or more) languages at work mutually influence each other.

Correction can be envisaged as a didactic tool for improving students' oral performances. It can also be rejected on theoretical grounds. It can be tackled as the adaptation process, or modification process, put in place by students when trying to reach specific phonological or phonetic targets.

Correctness can constitute a goal as far as communication and interaction in English are concerned for learners. It can also be questioned as a pedagogical goal, for instance with the prevalence of RP as a target accent in the French academic context. The problem of conciliating variation and correction in the study / teaching of English as a foreign or second language can lend itself to relevant reflections here.
Linguistic Subfield: Applied Linguistics; Phonology
LL Issue: 28.278

This is a session of the following meeting:
Phonology and Interphonology of Contemporary English : from Native Corpora to Learner Corpora

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