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Mar 2017

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10th International Conference on Professional Communication and Translation Studies (PCTS10)  [Timisoara] [30-Mar-2017 - 31-Mar-2017]
English Language and Anglophone Literatures Today 4 (ELALT 4)  [Novi Sad] [25-Mar-2017 - 25-Mar-2017]
Modernity, Innovation and Creativity in Language Education (nikej)  [Lodz] [25-Mar-2017 - 26-Mar-2017]
Sprachwissenschaftliche Tagung für Promotionsstudierende (10th STaPs)  [Bern] [31-Mar-2017 - 01-Apr-2017]

Apr 2017

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1st Conference on the Languages of Nigeria (1st CLN)  [Ibom E-Library, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria] [24-Apr-2017 - 27-Apr-2017]
5th Graduate Student Conference in Linguistics  [Ben M'sik Casablanca] [20-Apr-2017 - 21-Apr-2017]
7th International Young Researchers Conference: Studying and Teaching Philology  [Ulyanovsk] [27-Apr-2017 - 28-Apr-2017]
      Session: Language Education in the Globalized World
      Session: Cultures in Discourse: the National and the International
      Session: Current Issues of Literary Analysis and Translation
Broader Perspectives on Word Order in the VP  [Bielefeld] [28-Apr-2017 - 29-Apr-2017]
Colloque Informatique et Langues (Infol@ngues 2017)  [Béja] [20-Apr-2017 - 22-Apr-2017]
Cultures in Discourse: the National and the International (Session of 7th International Young Researchers Conference: Studying and Teaching Philology)
Current Issues of Literary Analysis and Translation (Session of 7th International Young Researchers Conference: Studying and Teaching Philology)
Humorousness/Seriousness Dichotomy in Language, Culture and Literature  [Siedlce] [28-Apr-2017 - 28-Apr-2017]
Language Education in the Globalized World (Session of 7th International Young Researchers Conference: Studying and Teaching Philology)
Le MOOC pour (se) former à distance en didactique des langues  [Lille] [03-Apr-2017 - 04-Apr-2017]
Metamorphoses of Languages, Literatures and Teaching and Learning of them - Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives (MLLTL-DSP)  [Coimbatore] [25-Apr-2017 - 26-Apr-2017]
TWIST Student Conference for Linguistics  [Leiden] [21-Apr-2017 - 22-Apr-2017]
UNC Spring Colloquium 2017  [Chapel Hill, NC] [08-Apr-2017 - 08-Apr-2017]

May 2017

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1st International Conference of Computational and Corpus Linguistics (I CILCC)  [Bogotá D.C.] [17-May-2017 - 19-May-2017]
25th Manchester Phonology Meeting (25mfm)  [Manchester] [25-May-2017 - 27-May-2017]
      Session: GDRI Phonological Theory Agora Dataset Workshop
4th Annual UC Davis Symposium on Language Research  [Davis, California] [26-May-2017 - 26-May-2017]
4th International Conference "Contemporary Research in Phonetics and Phonology: Methods, Aspects and Problems" (CRiPaP 2017)  [Riga] [11-May-2017 - 12-May-2017]
Cambridge Workshop on Voice (CamVoice)  [Cambridge] [22-May-2017 - 24-May-2017]
Challenges of Psycholinguistics and Psychology of Language and Speech (COPAPOLS 2017)  [Lutsk - Svityaz] [29-May-2017 - 31-May-2017]
Contacts & Contrasts: Language, Literature, Culture (C&C 2017)  [Konin] [29-May-2017 - 31-May-2017]
English Spoken: the Position of English in Brussels (ESB)  [Brussels] [30-May-2017 - 30-May-2017]
FAB11 & KOTESOL National Conference 2017 (FAB11: KOTESOL 2017)  [Seoul] [13-May-2017 - 14-May-2017]
Foreign National Inmates and Prison Systems: Issues, Resources and Perspectives  [Siena] [26-May-2017 - 27-May-2017]
GDRI Phonological Theory Agora Dataset Workshop (Session of 25th Manchester Phonology Meeting)
Generative Linguistics in the 21st Century: the Evidence and the Rhetoric  [Reading] [11-May-2017 - 11-May-2017]
Heavenly Acts IV - Aspects of Performance through an Interdisciplinary Lens (HAIV)  [Sheffield] [08-May-2017 - 09-May-2017]
Hunter Undergraduate Linguistics and Language Studies Conference (HULLS 7)  [New York City, NY] [05-May-2017 - 06-May-2017]
IV International Lithuania Congress  [Wroclaw] [22-May-2017 - 24-May-2017]
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Semantics (IPS2017)  [Macau S.A.R.] [10-May-2017 - 12-May-2017]
Intersubjectivity in Action  [Helsinki] [11-May-2017 - 13-May-2017]
Investigations into Romanian and European Biblical Traditions (MLD Symposium)  [Iasi] [18-May-2017 - 20-May-2017]
Language and the Brain: Coding, Understanding, and Processing  [City University of Hong Kong] [26-May-2017 - 28-May-2017]
Language, Literature and Technology: 6th International Conference on Language and Literary Studies  [Belgrade] [19-May-2017 - 20-May-2017]
Language, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Vulnerable Populations  [New York, NY] [11-May-2017 - 12-May-2017]
Linguistic Diversity Meets The Brain: Future Directions in the Language Sciences (LDMTB)  [Zurich] [15-May-2017 - 17-May-2017]
Linguistics and English Language Postgraduate Conference (LEL-PGC)  [Edinburgh] [29-May-2017 - 31-May-2017]
Personal Identity through a Language Lens (PILL 4)  [Lodz] [12-May-2017 - 13-May-2017]
Pseudo Coordinations and Multiple Agreement Constructions (PseCoMac)  [Venezia] [02-May-2017 - 03-May-2017]
Pushing for Precision on Initial Input Processing in Sla: Are We Speaking the Same Language?  [Paris (St. Denis)] [18-May-2017 - 19-May-2017]
Revitalizing Baltic Linguistics in Berne  [Berne] [06-May-2017 - 08-May-2017]
Semantic Deep Learning (SemDeep 17)  [Portoroz] [28-May-2017 - 29-May-2017]
Speaking in a Foreign Language: from Controlled Production to Spontaneous Communication  [Konin] [08-May-2017 - 10-May-2017]
Sustainable Multilingualism 2017 (SM)  [Kaunas] [26-May-2017 - 27-May-2017]
The International Conference on Teaching Languages to Young Learners  [Ephesus] [16-May-2017 - 18-May-2017]

Jun 2017

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12th Conference on Legal Translation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics (Legal Linguistics)  [Kołobrzeg] [23-Jun-2017 - 25-Jun-2017]
12th Language at the University of Essex Postgraduate Conference (LangUE 2017)  [University of Essex, Colchester] [15-Jun-2017 - 15-Jun-2017]
13th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian (ICSH13)  [Budapest] [29-Jun-2017 - 30-Jun-2017]
14th Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Phonology (WoSSP)  [Oviedo, Asturias] [29-Jun-2017 - 30-Jun-2017]
17th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association (J-SLA 2017)  [Hamamatsu CIty, Shizuoka Prefecture] [03-Jun-2017 - 04-Jun-2017]
19th International Conference of the English Department (AICED19)  [Bucharest] [08-Jun-2017 - 10-Jun-2017]
2017 Chinese Symposium on Neurolinguistics (CSNL-2017)  [Nanjing] [24-Jun-2017 - 24-Jun-2017]
2nd Budapest Linguistics Conference (BLINC2)  [Budapest] [01-Jun-2017 - 03-Jun-2017]
2nd Conference on Small Forms (Small Forms 2017)  [Łódź] [26-Jun-2017 - 27-Jun-2017]
      Session: Nothing
38th TABU Dag 2017 (TABU)  [Groningen] [22-Jun-2017 - 23-Jun-2017]
3rd International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies (ICLLS 2017)  [Hong Kong] [29-Jun-2017 - 30-Jun-2017]
3th Annual International Conference on Linguistic Variation in the Basque Language and Education (EUDIA 6)  [Leioa / Bizkaia / Basque Country] [09-Jun-2017 - 09-Jun-2017]
4as Jornadas de Lenguas en Contacto (4jornadaslec)  [Tepic, Nayarit] [22-Jun-2017 - 24-Jun-2017]
4th Formal Ways of Analyzing Variation (FWAV4)  [York, North Yorkshire] [29-Jun-2017 - 30-Jun-2017]
4th International Conference on Modern Foreign Languages, Linguistics and Literature  [Preston] [01-Jun-2017 - 01-Jun-2017]
4th Zadar Linguistic Forum: Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (ZLF)  [Zadar] [09-Jun-2017 - 10-Jun-2017]
6th International Conference on English, Discourse and Intercultural Communication (EDIC)  [Macau Special Administrative Region of China] [06-Jun-2017 - 08-Jun-2017]
9th Annual ACM Web Science Conference (Web Science 2017)  [New York] [26-Jun-2017 - 28-Jun-2017]
Approaches to Phonology and Phonetics 2017 (APAP)  [Lublin] [23-Jun-2017 - 25-Jun-2017]
Approaching the Historical: A Symposium of Early Modern and Medieval Stylistics (SEMMS)  [Nottingham] [14-Jun-2017 - 14-Jun-2017]
Ars Grammatica 2017: Grammatische Terminologie - Inhalte und Methoden  [Mannheim] [08-Jun-2017 - 09-Jun-2017]
Bi-/Multilingualism and the Declining Brain: Current Evidence and Future Directions  [Reading] [21-Jun-2017 - 21-Jun-2017]
Conference of the Language Associations of Southern Africa (CLASA 2017)  [Grahamstown] [26-Jun-2017 - 29-Jun-2017]
Conference on Logic and Machine Learning in Natural Language (LaML) (LaML)  [Gothenburg] [12-Jun-2017 - 14-Jun-2017]
Conference on the Syntax Of Uralic Languages (SOUL 2017)  [Budapest] [27-Jun-2017 - 28-Jun-2017]
      Session: Evidentiality in Uralic
Contact-Driven Multilingual Practices  [Helsinki] [01-Jun-2017 - 02-Jun-2017]
Discourse Expectations: Theoretical, Experimental and Computational Perspectives (Detec2017)  [Nijmegen] [26-Jun-2017 - 27-Jun-2017]
English and I: Literary and Cultural Encounters (ASSE2017)  [Vlora] [08-Jun-2017 - 10-Jun-2017]
Evidentiality in Uralic (Session of Conference on the Syntax Of Uralic Languages)
First Workshop on Paradigmatic Word Formation Modeling (ParadigMo-2017)  [Toulouse] [19-Jun-2017 - 20-Jun-2017]
III Encuentro de Profesores de Lengua y Literatura Española (EPLLE III)  [Chetumal] [29-Jun-2017 - 30-Jun-2017]
Implicatures or Domain Restriction/Domain Widening? Theoretical and Experimental Approaches (IoD 2017)  [Budapest] [19-Jun-2017 - 20-Jun-2017]
International Conference in Honour of Professor Óscar Lopes (COL2017)  [Porto] [06-Jun-2017 - 07-Jun-2017]
Interplay between Language, Paralinguistics and the Administration of International Criminal Justice  [London] [19-Jun-2017 - 19-Jun-2017]
La reformulation : à la recherche d’une frontière  [Uppsala] [08-Jun-2017 - 09-Jun-2017]
Language and Law – Traditions, Trends and Perspectives (LL2017)  [Białystok] [08-Jun-2017 - 09-Jun-2017]
Language in Contact: Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow  [Munich, Bavaria] [21-Jun-2017 - 23-Jun-2017]
Mapping English in Luxembourg  [Esch/Belval] [09-Jun-2017 - 10-Jun-2017]
Medieval Big Data: the Present and Future of Medieval Text Archives (Medieval Big Data)  [Dublin] [27-Jun-2017 - 28-Jun-2017]
Particles and the Dimensions of Meaning  [Radboud University Nijmegen] [29-Jun-2017 - 30-Jun-2017]
Prescriptivism Conference 2017: Value(s) and Language Prescriptivism  [Park City, Utah] [21-Jun-2017 - 23-Jun-2017]
Revising Formal Semantic and Pragmatic Theories from a Neurocognitive Perspective (NeuroPragSem)  [Bochum] [19-Jun-2017 - 20-Jun-2017]
Roots V  [London] [17-Jun-2017 - 18-Jun-2017]
Symposium on Corpus Approaches to Lexicogrammar (LxGr2017)  [Ormskirk] [10-Jun-2017 - 10-Jun-2017]
The 11th International Conference of the Asian Association for Lexicography (ASIALEX 2017)  [Guangzhou, Guangdong Province] [10-Jun-2017 - 12-Jun-2017]
The Dynamics of Lexical Innovation. Data, Methods, Models  [Munich] [28-Jun-2017 - 30-Jun-2017]
Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Microvariation (TEAM 2017)  [Padua] [22-Jun-2017 - 24-Jun-2017]

Jul 2017

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11th Web as Corpus Workshop (Session of Corpus Linguistics 2017)
15th Annual Conference of the French Phonology Network (RFP2017)  [Grenoble] [05-Jul-2017 - 07-Jul-2017]
15th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA2017)  [Belfast, Northern Ireland] [16-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017]
      Session: (Pragmatics) Beyond Verbal Communication
      Session: CMC Pragmatics in L2 Discourse
      Session: Knowing Me and Knowing You: Reference and Identity Markers in Public Discourse
      Session: (Pragmatics) Personal and Collective Identities in Populist Discourse
      Session: From Self to Culture: Identity Construction in Humour
      Session: Complimenting Behaviour in Social Media
      Session: Evidentiality: Discourse-Pragmatic Perspectives
      Session: Financial literacy - a Key to the Real World
      Session: Student Mobility and Pragmatic Competence
      Session: The New Normal: Impoliteness in Digital Communication
      Session: Films in Translation – all is not lost: Pragmatics and Audiovisual Translation as Cross-cultural Mediation
      Session: What Really Happened: Investigating Investigative Journalism
      Session: Linguistic Expressions and Devices that Yield the Implicature of Cause and Effect
      Session: Stance-taking in Educational Contexts
      Session: Address Forms Across Cultures
      Session: Multimodal Turn-Taking
      Session: Self-Presentation and Self-Praise
      Session: Political Humor as Social Action
      Session: Position and Stance in Politics
      Session: Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics
      Session: Trickery, Cheating, and Deceit in Language Play
      Session: Exploring Identities through Humor
      Session: Deixis in Discourse
      Session: Multimodal (Im)politeness
      Session: Construal of Person in Interaction: a Cross-Linguistic Comparison
      Session: Activities in Interaction
      Session: Constructing Ordinariness across Media Genres
      Session: Language, Gender and Cognition
      Session: Pragmatic Approaches to Literary Analysis
      Session: Tensions within the Repertoire of Prescribed, Prestige, and Non-prestige Forms
      Session: Pragmatics and Constructions
      Session: Digital Identities, Conflict, and (Im)politeness
      Session: Laughing at the 'Other': Critical Pragmatic Insights
      Session: Beyond the Myth of Journalistic Storytelling. Why a Narrative Approach to Journalism Falls Short
      Session: Gender, Regional and Generational Varieties in Japan
      Session: The Pragmatics of Place: (Post)colonial Perspectives
      Session: The Pragmatics of Change in Therapy and Related Formats
      Session: Going Viral: the Socio-pragmatics of Iconic Communication in a Shared World
      Session: Multimodality and Diversity in Chinese Interaction
      Session: Teaching Formulaic Language to L2 Learners
15th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MOL 2017)  [London] [13-Jul-2017 - 14-Jul-2017]
21st International Languages Conference of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA2017)  [Gold Coast, Queensland] [06-Jul-2017 - 08-Jul-2017]
22nd Conference on Formal Grammar (FG-2017)  [Toulouse] [22-Jul-2017 - 23-Jul-2017]
2nd GEN TEFL International Conference (GEN TEFL 2017)  [Bangkok] [02-Jul-2017 - 03-Jul-2017]
30th West African Languages Congress and 10th Linguistics Association of Ghana Conference (WALC-LAG)  [Winneba] [31-Jul-2017 - 05-Aug-2017]
5th International Biennial Conference on the Diachrony of English (CBDA-5)  [Tours] [04-Jul-2017 - 06-Jul-2017]
5th World Conference on Pluricentric Languages and Their Non-Dominant Varieties: Models of Pluricentricity: Nation, Space and Language (5th WCPCL)  [Mainz] [13-Jul-2017 - 15-Jul-2017]
6th International Conference on Meaning and Knowledge Representation (6 MKR)  [St. Petersburg] [05-Jul-2017 - 07-Jul-2017]
Challenges in the Management of Large Corpora + Big Data and Natural Language Processing (Session of Corpus Linguistics 2017)
Establishing the Predominant Position of ESP within Adult ELT  [Nis, Serbia] [03-Jul-2017 - 07-Jul-2017]
Experimental and Corpus-based Approaches to Ellipsis (ECBAE)  [LSA Institute, Lexington, Kentucky] [29-Jul-2017 - 29-Jul-2017]
Formal Approaches to Creole Studies 5 (FACS-5)  [University of Kentucky, Lexington] [15-Jul-2017 - 16-Jul-2017]
Formal Approaches to the Dynamics of Linguistic Interaction: Workshop at ESSLLI 2017 (FADLI)  [Toulouse] [17-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017]
Graduate Conference 2017 Dipsum Unisa  [Salerno] [06-Jul-2017 - 07-Jul-2017]
III Jornadas de Jóvenes Lingüistas  [Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires] [26-Jul-2017 - 28-Jul-2017]
IV liLETRAd International Congress (liLETRAd 2017)  [Sevilla] [05-Jul-2017 - 07-Jul-2017]
International Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Conference (HPSG 2017)  [Lexington, Kentucky] [07-Jul-2017 - 09-Jul-2017]
Language Endangerment: Language Contact and Language Change  [Cambridge] [04-Jul-2017 - 04-Jul-2017]
Language Shift and Substratum Interference in (Pre)history  [Jena] [11-Jul-2017 - 12-Jul-2017]
Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States 2017 Forum (LACUS 2017)  [Mcmaster University, Hamilton, Ontario] [31-Jul-2017 - 04-Aug-2017]
Moving Texts: Mediations and Transculturations  [Aveiro] [12-Jul-2017 - 14-Jul-2017]
QUantifiers And Determiners (QUAD)  [Toulouse] [17-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017]
Student Research Workshop at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics)
Visualisierungsprozesse in den Humanities – Linguistische Perspektiven auf Prägungen, Praktiken, Positionen (VisuHu)  [Zürich] [17-Jul-2017 - 19-Jul-2017]

Aug 2017

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11th International Workshop on Writing Systems and Literacy (AWLL11)  [Nagoya] [29-Aug-2017 - 31-Aug-2017]
11th UK Language Variation and Change (UKLVC11)  [Cardiff] [29-Aug-2017 - 31-Aug-2017]
16th International Conference on Translation 2017  [Kuala lumpur] [08-Aug-2017 - 10-Aug-2017]
19th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar (SICOGG19)  [Seoul] [09-Aug-2017 - 11-Aug-2017]
1st International Conference on New Trends in English Language Teaching and Testing (NTELT)  [Dubai] [24-Aug-2017 - 24-Aug-2017]
1st Workshop on Abusive Language Online (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics)
2017 Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy & Planning Conference (LPP2017)  [Toronto, Ontario] [24-Aug-2017 - 26-Aug-2017]
21st Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (SemDial (SaarDial))  [Saarbrücken] [15-Aug-2017 - 17-Aug-2017]
50th Anniversary Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL 2017)  [Leeds] [31-Aug-2017 - 02-Sep-2017]
6th Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM)  [Vancouver] [03-Aug-2017 - 04-Aug-2017]
Association for French Language Studies Conference 2017 (AFLS 2017)  [Toronto, ON] [08-Aug-2017 - 10-Aug-2017]
European Second Language Acquisition (Eurosla)  [Reading, Berkshire] [30-Aug-2017 - 02-Sep-2017]
Events and Stories in the News (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics)
Fourth Extensive Reading World Congress (4th ER World Congress)  [Tokyo] [04-Aug-2017 - 07-Aug-2017]
Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL)  [Copenhagen] [24-Aug-2017 - 27-Aug-2017]
Gesture and Speech in Interaction (GESPIN2017)  [Poznań] [25-Aug-2017 - 27-Aug-2017]
International Conference on Language and Literacy Education (ICLLE)  [Johannesburg, Gauteng Province] [18-Aug-2017 - 20-Aug-2017]
International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML XVI)  [Jyväskylä] [28-Aug-2017 - 30-Aug-2017]
International Conference on Role and Reference Grammar 2017 (RRG 2017-Tokyo)  [Tokyo] [01-Aug-2017 - 03-Aug-2017]
Joint SIGHUM Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences and Humanities (Session of 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics)
Logic Colloquium 2017  [Stockholm] [14-Aug-2017 - 20-Aug-2017]
Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics 2017 (LACompLing2017)  [Stockholm] [18-Aug-2017 - 19-Aug-2017]
Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference (PTLC2017)  [London] [09-Aug-2017 - 11-Aug-2017]
Prior Structure in Language Acquisition: A Consensus Workshop  [Trondheim] [31-Aug-2017 - 01-Sep-2017]
Processing Prosody across Languages, Varieties, and Nativeness (ProPro 2017)  [Tübingen] [31-Aug-2017 - 01-Sep-2017]
Research Methods in L2 Pronunciation (Session of Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching)
The Expression of Knowledge: Epistemicity and Beyond (Knowling)  [Helsinki] [23-Aug-2017 - 25-Aug-2017]
The Teaching of English Language and Literature: Critical Perspectives  [Hyderabad] [11-Aug-2017 - 12-Aug-2017]

Sep 2017

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10th Embodied and Situated Language Processing Conference (ESLP) (ESLP 2017)  [Moscow] [10-Sep-2017 - 12-Sep-2017]
12th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS)  [Montpellier] [19-Sep-2017 - 22-Sep-2017]
      Session: International Conference for Computational Semantics (IWCS) Collocated Workshops
12th International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation (TbiLLC 2017)  [Kakheti] [18-Sep-2017 - 22-Sep-2017]
12th Workshop on the Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications (at EMNLP 2017) (BEA)  [Copenhagen] [07-Sep-2017 - 08-Sep-2017]
13th International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Formalisms (TAG+13)  [Umeå] [04-Sep-2017 - 06-Sep-2017]
18th Science of Aphasia Conference (SOA 18)  [Geneva] [11-Sep-2017 - 14-Sep-2017]
2017 International Symposium on Place Names (ISPN 2017)  [Windhoek] [18-Sep-2017 - 20-Sep-2017]
2nd International Conference on Situating Strategy Use: Present Issues and Future Trends  [Komotini] [28-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017]
32nd Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW 32)  [Trondheim] [13-Sep-2017 - 15-Sep-2017]
47th Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM2017)  [Poznań] [18-Sep-2017 - 20-Sep-2017]
4th International Conference on Onomastics “Name and Naming” (ICONN 4)  [Baia Mare] [05-Sep-2017 - 07-Sep-2017]
5th International Language Management Symposium: Interests & Power in Language Management  [Regensburg] [12-Sep-2017 - 14-Sep-2017]
8th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity (WASSA 2017)  [Copenhagen] [08-Sep-2017 - 08-Sep-2017]
Annual Meetings on Phonology 5 (AMP 2017)  [New York City, NY] [15-Sep-2017 - 17-Sep-2017]
Beyond Meaning (BM2017)  [Athens] [13-Sep-2017 - 15-Sep-2017]
Cognitive Linguistics in the Year 2017 (PCLA/PTJK)  [Rzeszów] [21-Sep-2017 - 23-Sep-2017]
Culture Cognition Communication (Inter)cultural Perspectives on Language and the Mind (CCC/ICPLM 2017)  [Lublin] [14-Sep-2017 - 15-Sep-2017]
Dialogue in Language and Literature  [Sosnowiec/Dąbrawa Górnicza] [22-Sep-2017 - 23-Sep-2017]
Dialogues without Borders: Strategies of Interpersonal and Inter-group Communication (4th ESTIDIA conference)  [Sofia] [29-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017]
Fourth International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling 2017)  [Pisa] [18-Sep-2017 - 20-Sep-2017]
Globalization and Localization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (GLoCALL)  [Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Brunei Darussalam] [07-Sep-2017 - 09-Sep-2017]
Images and Imaginaries of Italian Culture: International Conference  [Pula] [21-Sep-2017 - 23-Sep-2017]
International Conference of the German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology (GSCL 2017)  [Berlin] [13-Sep-2017 - 15-Sep-2017]
International Conference on Speech and Computer - Special Session: Natural Language Processing for Social Media Analysis (SPECOM SMA 2017)  [Hatfield, England] [12-Sep-2017 - 16-Sep-2017]
International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech 2017 (ISMBS 2017)  [Chania, Crete] [04-Sep-2017 - 07-Sep-2017]
Interphonology Session (Session of Phonology and Interphonology of Contemporary English : from Native Corpora to Learner Corpora)
Language for Specific Purposes and Professional Identity  [Belgrade] [29-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017]
Languaging Diversity - Language and Social Class (L-Div-2017)  [Cagliari] [28-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017]
Linguistics Association of Great Britain Annual Meeting 2017 (LAGB 2017)  [Canterbury, Kent] [04-Sep-2017 - 07-Sep-2017]
Microvariation in Semantics (Session of Sinn und Bedeutung 22)
Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts (MELDC17)  [Koper] [29-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017]
Namen im Geheimen  [Universität Siegen] [11-Sep-2017 - 12-Sep-2017]
PAN Lab on Author Identification, Profiling, and Obfuscation (PAN)  [Dublin] [11-Sep-2017 - 14-Sep-2017]
Passives - A Cross-Linguistic Workshop (Passives)  [Vienna] [16-Sep-2017 - 17-Sep-2017]
Phonology and Interphonology of Contemporary English : from Native Corpora to Learner Corpora (PAC2017)  [Paris] [28-Sep-2017 - 30-Sep-2017]
      Session: Interphonology Session
Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT)  [Salt Lake City, UT] [01-Sep-2017 - 02-Sep-2017]
      Session: Research Methods in L2 Pronunciation
Protolang 5  [Barcelona] [26-Sep-2017 - 28-Sep-2017]
      Session: Workshop on Lenneberg
Questioning Speech Acts (QSA)  [Konstanz] [14-Sep-2017 - 16-Sep-2017]
Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP-17)  [Varna] [02-Sep-2017 - 08-Sep-2017]
Sinn und Bedeutung 22 (SuB22)  [Potsdam/Berlin] [07-Sep-2017 - 10-Sep-2017]
      Session: Microvariation in Semantics
The Morphological Eye: SMG 25th Anniversary Workshop  [Guildford] [08-Sep-2017 - 09-Sep-2017]
The Split: Reconstructing Early Indo-European Language and Culture  [Copenhagen] [13-Sep-2017 - 15-Sep-2017]
Workshop on Building Linguistically Generalizable NLP Systems (at EMNLP 2017)  [Copenhagen] [08-Sep-2017 - 08-Sep-2017]
Workshop on Diachronic Phonotactics (dpt17)  [Vienna] [07-Sep-2017 - 08-Sep-2017]
Workshop on Early Literacy and (Digital) Media  [Paderborn] [21-Sep-2017 - 22-Sep-2017]
Workshop on Lenneberg (Session of Protolang 5)
XXXIII International Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN 2017)  [] [20-Sep-2017 - 22-Sep-2017]

Oct 2017

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10th Nordic Conference on Language and Gender  [Akureyri] [20-Oct-2017 - 21-Oct-2017]
18th International INGED ELT Conference  [Istanbul] [20-Oct-2017 - 22-Oct-2017]
1st International Symposium on Approaches to Dialects in English Literature (1500-1950) (LADEL)  [Salamanca] [26-Oct-2017 - 27-Oct-2017]
25th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference (JK25)  [Honolulu, Hawai'i] [12-Oct-2017 - 14-Oct-2017]
2nd Literary Linguistics Conference  [Mainz] [04-Oct-2017 - 06-Oct-2017]
2nd School of Languages Conference (SOLCON II)  [University of Ghana, Accra-Ghana] [24-Oct-2017 - 26-Oct-2017]
33rd Annual Conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics (IATL) (IATL-33)  [Tel Aviv] [16-Oct-2017 - 17-Oct-2017]
3rd International Communication Styles Conference (ICS3)  [Krosno] [22-Oct-2017 - 24-Oct-2017]
5th Baltic Student Conference “Bridges in the Baltics”  [Stockholm] [06-Oct-2017 - 07-Oct-2017]
America's Southern cultures and identities: language, customs, literature. (SCPLC Conference)  [Orangeburg, South Carolina] [06-Oct-2017 - 06-Oct-2017]
Circulation des Textes Sapientiels : Similarités, Divergences, Implication (ALIENTO)  [Nancy et Paris] [16-Oct-2017 - 19-Oct-2017]
Communication-Culture-Space-Identity  [Piła] [17-Oct-2017 - 18-Oct-2017]
Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Linguistic Theory 1 (CIALT 1)  [Rethymnon, Crete] [06-Oct-2017 - 08-Oct-2017]
Geschichte der Fach- und Wissenschaftssprachen: Identität, Differenz, Transfer  [Würzburg] [12-Oct-2017 - 13-Oct-2017]
Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS)  [Lubbock] [26-Oct-2017 - 28-Oct-2017]
Identity Political Discourse Facing Migrations (DPI 3)  [Montpellier] [20-Oct-2017 - 21-Oct-2017]
Ideology and Linguistic Ideas - 2017 (ILI-2017)  [Tbilisi] [06-Oct-2017 - 09-Oct-2017]
International Colloquium on “Language Skills for Economic and Social Inclusion”  [Berlin] [12-Oct-2017 - 13-Oct-2017]
Language and Displacement (Session of Western Conference on Linguistics 2017)
Linguistics Beyond And Within 2017 - International Linguistics Conference in Lublin (LingBaW 2017)  [Lublin] [18-Oct-2017 - 19-Oct-2017]
Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference (MIFLC)  [Wilmington NC] [05-Oct-2017 - 07-Oct-2017]
Primeras Jornadas de Español para Fines Específicos-Viena (JEFE-Vi)  [Vienna] [13-Oct-2017 - 14-Oct-2017]
Ragusa and Montalbano: Translating Camilleri’s Regionalised Voices in AVT  [Ragusa] [19-Oct-2017 - 20-Oct-2017]
Resolving Conflicts Across Borders 2017 (RCAB 2017)  [Dubrovnik] [20-Oct-2017 - 22-Oct-2017]
Second Language Research Forum 2017: Growing Connections in Second Language Research  [Columbus, Ohio] [12-Oct-2017 - 15-Oct-2017]
SinFonIJA 10 (SinFonIJA 10)  [Dubrovnik] [22-Oct-2017 - 24-Oct-2017]
Structural and Developmental Aspects of Bidialectalism  [Tromsø] [25-Oct-2017 - 26-Oct-2017]
Tendencias Actuales en los Estudios sobre la Enseñanza-Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras/Segundas (XX Sonaples)  [Valdivia, Region de Los Rios] [25-Oct-2017 - 27-Oct-2017]
The 5th Conference CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities (CMC-corpora17)  [Bolzano/Bozen] [03-Oct-2017 - 04-Oct-2017]
The Selectivity of Native Language Attrition (SiLA)  [University of Edinburgh] [13-Oct-2017 - 14-Oct-2017]
Two Leading Figures in the History of Linguistics: Jean Dubois (1920-2015) and Françoise Dubois-Charlier (1941-2016)  [Aix-en-Provence] [05-Oct-2017 - 06-Oct-2017]
Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters 7 (TMP2017)  [Moscow] [25-Oct-2017 - 27-Oct-2017]
Western Conference on Linguistics 2017 (WECOL 2017)  [Boise, ID] [19-Oct-2017 - 22-Oct-2017]
      Session: Language and Displacement

Nov 2017

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12e Colloque de Syntaxe et Sémantique à Paris / 12th Syntax and Semantics Conference in Paris (CSSP 2017)  [Paris] [23-Nov-2017 - 25-Nov-2017]
14th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholars  [Saint Petersburg] [23-Nov-2017 - 25-Nov-2017]
2017 Seoul International Conference on Speech Sciences (SICSS 2017)  [Seoul] [10-Nov-2017 - 11-Nov-2017]
4th Saarbrücken Conference on Foreign Language Teaching (4. SFT)  [Saarbrücken] [02-Nov-2017 - 04-Nov-2017]
5th International Conference Discourse Markers in Romance Languages: Boundaries and Interface (DISROM2017)  [Louvain-la-Neuve] [08-Nov-2017 - 10-Nov-2017]
7th International Conference on Experimental Phonetics (7CIFE)  [Madrid] [22-Nov-2017 - 24-Nov-2017]
8th Language and Technology Conference (LTC 2017)  [Poznań] [17-Nov-2017 - 19-Nov-2017]
Biolinguistic Conference on Interface Asymmetries  [New York City/NY] [10-Nov-2017 - 12-Nov-2017]
Brücken Schlagen: Mehrsprachigkeit, Interkulturelle Kommunikation und Sprachvermittlung  [Hildesheim] [30-Nov-2017 - 02-Dec-2017]
Colloque international de traduction et de traductologie  [Trento] [30-Nov-2017 - 02-Dec-2017]
Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology – Recent Advances and Interdisciplinary Approaches (EUROPHRAS 2017)  [London] [13-Nov-2017 - 14-Nov-2017]
GReG PLS.5 Linguistic Correction/Correctness (GREG PLS 5 Correction)  [Paris Nanterre] [17-Nov-2017 - 18-Nov-2017]
Intersemiotic Translation, Adaptation,Transposition: Saying Almost the Same Thing? (ITAT)  [Nicosia] [10-Nov-2017 - 12-Nov-2017]
Linguistic Approaches to Tense, Aspect, Modality, Evidentiality, based on the Novel L’Etranger (“The Stranger”) by Albert Camus, and Its Translations (Etranger-TAME)  [PARIS] [16-Nov-2017 - 18-Nov-2017]
New Ways of Analyzing Variation 46 (NWAV46)  [Madison, WI] [02-Nov-2017 - 05-Nov-2017]
Paradigm Shifting in Applied Linguistics: New theories and new methods (IRAAL 2016)  [Dublin] [19-Nov-2017 - 19-Nov-2017]
Representing and Redefining Specialised Knowledge (CLAVIER 2017)  [Bari] [30-Nov-2017 - 02-Dec-2017]
The Sociolinguistics of Urban Language Life (GloSoc II)  [Venice] [15-Nov-2017 - 17-Nov-2017]
Translation and Interpreting Forum Olomouc 2017 (TIFO 2017)  [Olomouc] [10-Nov-2017 - 11-Nov-2017]
Urban Space Research Network Symposium 2017 (USRN)  [Heidelberg] [09-Nov-2017 - 10-Nov-2017]
Visualizing (in) the New Media  [Neuchâtel] [08-Nov-2017 - 10-Nov-2017]
XII Forum of Linguistic Sharing  [Lisboa] [23-Nov-2017 - 24-Nov-2017]

Dec 2017

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12th Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology 2017 (ALT 2017)  [Canberra, ACT] [11-Dec-2017 - 15-Dec-2017]
      Session: Sociotopography: the Interplay of Language, Culture, and Environment
1st Białystok Conference on the Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  [Białystok] [07-Dec-2017 - 08-Dec-2017]
1st International Symposium of Morphology (ISMo)  [Lille] [13-Dec-2017 - 15-Dec-2017]
8th International Scientific Conference Children and Languages Today  [Osijek] [01-Dec-2017 - 02-Dec-2017]
Language Education across Borders (LangEdu2017)  [Graz] [08-Dec-2017 - 10-Dec-2017]
The Second International Symposium on Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (ISOCTAL-2)  [Milan] [14-Dec-2017 - 16-Dec-2017]

Jan 2018

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Forum on Language Change at Modern Language Association 2018 (MLA Language Change Forum)  [New York City, NY] [04-Jan-2018 - 07-Jan-2018]
Naming the Human: Description, Categorisation, Issues at Stake: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach  [Strasbourg] [10-Jan-2018 - 12-Jan-2018]
Selected Topics in Romance Linguistics: MLA 2018  [New York City] [04-Jan-2018 - 07-Jan-2018]

Feb 2018

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Argumentation & Language (ARGAGE)  [Lugano] [07-Feb-2018 - 09-Feb-2018]
Grammar of Non-Standard Varieties in the East of the Circum-Baltic Area  [Tartu] [01-Feb-2018 - 03-Feb-2018]

Mar 2018

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9th Conference of the American Association of Translation and Interpreting Scholars (ATISA)  [Milwaukee] [29-Mar-2018 - 01-Apr-2018]
Contact and Contaminations in the History of English(es) (SLIN 18)  [Innsbruck] [15-Mar-2018 - 17-Mar-2018]
One Brain – Two Grammars? Examining Dualistic Approaches to Grammar and Cognition  [Rostock] [01-Mar-2018 - 03-Mar-2018]
„German Abroad 3“-Tagung 2018: Kontaktvarietäten des Deutschen im Ausland  [Erfurt] [08-Mar-2018 - 09-Mar-2018]

Apr 2018

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Information Structure and Language Change (Informchange)  [Caen] [03-Apr-2018 - 05-Apr-2018]

May 2018

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Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2018)  [Miyazaki] [07-May-2018 - 12-May-2018]

Jun 2018

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Word-Formation Theories III & Typology and Universals in Word-Formation IV  [Kosice] [27-Jun-2018 - 30-Jun-2018]